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Yarga Cantina
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Anchorhead Station, Tatooine[1]


Rise of the Empire era[1]


Hutt Cartel[1]

The Yarga Cantina was a popular drinking, dining, and entertainment establishment located in an impoverished quarter of Anchorhead Station. Its daytime activity saw typical patrons who stopped in for a drink and to escape the heat, while the nighttime patrons were of the criminal and otherwise undesirable crowd.


Yarga Cantina was located in an impoverished quarter of Anchorhead Station.

Yarga Cantina was a cantina located in one of the poorer quarters of Anchorhead Station, the capital of Tatooine. The building was rundown as of 22 BBY, and it was lined with scorch marks it was inflicted with during a battle of the Rim Wars. The main space of the Yarga Cantina was a bar that circled around the center of the building. There, patrons of all kinds would sit for a drink. Near the bar was a stage where musicians could perform. Various booths lined the outer walls, allowing for more privacy than the bar would provide.[1]


The cantina was built in an impoverished and outlying quarter of the city, away from the capitol building and the more affluent areas of the city. Named after the Huttese word for "thirsty," the cantina became a popular hangout for the area's citizens, as well as their main source of entertainment. Nonetheless, it was not without its dangers; the building was damaged during the Rim Wars, when a battle took place close by.[1]

The cantina survived the Rim Wars, however, and was open for many years after that. In 22 BBY, Michael Lars was a customer of the cantina, where he got into a bar-fight with Joshua Banai, Dirk, and Lorn, until the fight was broken up by Sara Jade. Lars and Jade later had an argument in the cantina over what Jade said was Lars’ lack of willpower.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Yarga Cantina was created by Brandon Rhea for his novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One.[1]


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