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The Whils were a sentient species that originated on Brodo Asogi and later emigrated to Ashlan Four. The Whills, who made up the Order of the Whills, recorded the history of the galaxy in the Journal of the Whills.

Biology and appearanceEdit

By Human standards, the Whills were short and pudgy. They had brown skin and an ova-shaped head, which had large circular blue eyes. The Whills spoke the language of Ashlan with a slow speech pattern, although they understood Galactic Basic Standard.[2]


The Whills were originally from the planet Brodo Asogi.[1] Later, they followed the Order of the Jedi Bendu to Ashlan Four, within the Ashlan Nebula, where they founded the Order of the Whills and so they could record the history of the galaxy. This record came to be called the Journal of the Whills, and they recorded it within the Whill Monastery for thousands of years.

Some time after the Jedi Civil War, a Human named Ussej Padric Bac arrived on Ashlan Four after having been killed, and began an immortal life as the Shaman of the Whills. He was granted the ability to utilize and enter the time stream, a river that also contained a viewable timeline of universal history. This aided the Whills in recording the Journal, and they continued to do so until at least after the Galactic Civil War.[2]



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