", yes YOU, can submit entries for Alternative Saga characters of my choosing where you chronicle their stories."
Brandon Rhea[src]

What's the Story? was a collaborative project in the Alternative Star Wars Saga led by Brandon Rhea. The purpose of the project was for other writers to submit biograpical entries for pre-determined characters of Rhea's choosing. This was intended to flesh out the stories of minor characters from previous versions of Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One. Submitted entries would then be approved or rejected by Rhea.[1]

The first round of entries in 2009 was a success, with Josh Bender's entry for Antidar Williams being chosen by Rhea on November 8, 2009 to become canon—though it is no longer canon due to Williams no longer appearing in The Chosen One. Williams' entry was included in the now-cancelled The Alternative Essential Guide to Characters.[2] The second round was for an also now-non-canon character, Sotab Jacoma, but that entry did not garner any interest. The project did not continue after that.[1]

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