Veermok Resistance
General information

Sio Bibble[1]
Horace Vancil[1]
Hugo Eckener[1]


Ogana, Utapau[1]

Historical information

22 BBY[1]

Other information

Rise of the Empire era[1]


Utapau Security Forces[1]

"Their armies may be strong, but the courage of my men is infinite. The Veermok Resistance is born and ready."
Chamberlyn upon the founding of the Veermok Resistance[src]

The Veermok Resistance was a paramilitary rebel organization founded during the Invasion of Utapau in 22 BBY. The Resistance was opposed to the Trade Federation shipping cartel's occupation of the planet, which came about after the Federation blockaded and subsequently invaded Utapau due to the planet's support of the Federation-opposed Republic Anti-Slavery Law. Named after the non-sentient veermok that lived on the planet, the Resistance was founded during the Rebellion in Ogana by a number of politicians and Utapau Security Forces members. These included Ogana Governor Sio Bibble, economic and political adviser Horace Vancil, Chief Architect Hugo Eckener, and Lieutenant Chamberlyn.[1]

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