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House of Arcadia[1]

The Utapau Security Forces was the planetary defense force on Utapau, sworn to protect the royal family and the planet. In the years prior to the Invasion of Utapau, King Veruna Arcadia attempted to expand the size of the Security Forces due to the potential threat from the Trade Federation after a plasma purchasing deal was ended. This was due to the Federation cheating the planet out of money after agreeing to purchase plasma discovered on Utapau at a fixed cost. The king's act resulted in his assassination, so his daughter, Sabé Arcadia, took the throne. She reduced the size of the forces back to their previous levels, but she kept the Utapau Space Fighter Corps at the level her father expanded it to as she felt it could be useful in the future.[1]

The entire organization was led by Captain Panaka, Arcadia's head of security, but each settlement on the planet also had its own battalion of security forces. The New Centrif Security Forces, led by Captain Sotab Jacoma, participated in the Battle of New Centrif, the first battle of the Invasion of Utapau, and every member of the city's force was killed in the battle.[1] During the Rebellion in Ogana that took place after the Federation subjugation of the planet, Lieutenant Chamberlyn, along with a number of other security personnel and politicians, founded the Veermok Resistance to forcibly oppose the Federation's occupation.[2]


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