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My first blog post on this wiki! A whole no people will read it, more than likely. That's OK, even if this wiki doesn't get much readership, I still enjoy working on it as a way to organize as much Alternative Saga information as possible. It's incredibly helpful.

So this blog addresses the timeline of Galactic Senators from Corellia during and immediately after the Alsakan Crisis, prior to the outbreak of the Hutt War. With the introduction of Anthoni Berethro Salandra two years ago on TheStarWarsRP.Com, where it was mentioned he was the Galactic Senator of Corellia, there was no mention of what happened to Denis Holand—who had previously been the Senator of Corellia in the timeline, but was never really used and who's author went inactive.

This blog has been made to set up a cohesive timeline of those senators.

Judah Zaren

Judah Zaren was the Senator of Corellia in 13,000 BBY. He was elected to service shortly before the Alsakan Union launched an invasion of Coruscant and took control of the planet from the Galactic Republic. Following the attack, and after having only served for a few months in office, Zaren abruptly resigned as Senator of Corellia.

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Denis Holand

Replacing Zaren was Denis Holand, who was elected Senator of Corellia in 13,000 BBY. Holand served for a number of months, into 12,999 BBY, until he was forced out of office after Anthoni Berethro Salandra, the Prime Minister of the Corellian System, fabricated evidence that suggested Holand was involved in a prostitution scandal with two underage girls. Because of Holand's previous and public affair, the public believed the claims, prompting Holand to resign from office. It was later revealed to the public, in 12,997 BBY, that Salandra did indeed fabricate the claims in order to place himself into the office so he could use the position to aide Corellia's attempted secession from the Republic. The vindicated Holand chose not to return to politics, however, lived out the rest of his quiet life on his family's farm, where he died in 12,953 BBY.

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Anthoni Berethro Salandra

Having forced Senator Holand out of office, Prime Minister Anthoni Berethro Salandra assumed the role of Senator of Corellia. A few weeks later, the Prime Minister declared Corellia's intention to secede from the Galactic Republic and aide the Alsakan Union. Salandra attacked Abregado-rae, but soon lost his conflict with the Republic. The Corellian system was humiliated by its loss, and the once-popular Prime Minister became a disgraced politician, with all of his previous accomplishments being forgotten after his failed secession.

Despite his fall from grace, Salandra refused to step down as Prime Minister—although Corellia was temporarily stripped of its representation by the Galactic Senate, forcing him out of his position as Galactic Senator. The Parliament of the Corellian System, although having originally supported Salandra in his secession, moved to impeach the Prime Minister, citing his assault on Abregado-rae as illegal. He was impeached and, following a subsequent trial, removed from office in 12,998 BBY.

Meanwhile, the Galactic Court of Justice, which oversaw all war crimes cases, took up the case of Salandra, charging him with crimes of war for his actions at Abregado-rae. Initially he chose to remain on Corellia, vowing not to leave his homeworld, but as the war crimes trial grew closer in 12,993 BBY and a warrant was put out for his arrest, Salandra attempted to flee to non-Republic affiliated territory in the Mid Rim. At the Corellian spaceport, however, a man who lost his wife and six children in the assault on Abregado-rae approached him and shot him in the head. Salandra died on the scene. His funeral was attended only by his wife and a few close friends; his son, Coruscanti Senator Homer Anthony Salandra, did not attend.

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Etesutr Hapor

Etesutr Hapor was elected Galactic Senator in 12,997 BBY, after Corellia returned to the Republic and was once again granted representation in the Galactic Senate. He immediately worked to distance himself from Salandra, knowing that he could not advance his political career and properly serve his people if he was constantly being linked to the disgraced Prime Minister. His efforts paid off; in 12,987 BBY, Hapor was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, though his Chancellery ultimately ended with his resignation in 12,982 BBY following his unpopular decisions regarding Mid Rim expansion and worsening relations with the Hutt Empire. Ironically, Prime Minister Salandra's son, Homer Anthony Salandra, was elected to replace Hapor.

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Later Senators

Following Hapor's election as Supreme Chancellor, Dagith Fel was elected Senator of Corellia. He served for three years, until 12,979 BBY, when he was brought up on charges of corruption; he was arrested and subsequently convicted of two counts of bribery; one count of embezzlement from his heavy weapons manufacturing company, Fel Enterprises; and one count of attempted murder against his former chief of staff, Odin Tharen. He was sentenced in 12,975 BBY to forty years in prison, where he died thirty-three years later.

After Fel was forced out of office, he was replaced by Nathanahu Zaren. Zaren was assassinated in 12,978 BBY, when he was replaced by his uncle, Saul Zaren.

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Final thoughts

What I just didn't isn't so much a retcon as it is clearing up a minor bit of confusion, but it does go to show you that when more than one person is collaborating on a storyline, sometimes you do need someone to come in and clear a few things up. The canon Star Wars Expanded Universe is the same way. Blatantly obvious canon problems aside, minor things are always going to slip by writers, requiring someone to clarify it.