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" never know what fate has planned for you."
―Banik Kelrada[src]

Banik Kelrada was the Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Alsakan Crisis before becoming a rogue Dark Jedi and the founding Emperor of the Bogan Empire. He led the Bogan through the end of the First Hutt War, the War of the Gods, the Second Cold War, and the beginnings of the Second Hutt War.

Kelrada was born on Coruscant in 13,045 BBY and was taken to the Jedi at a young age. As a Padawan, he and his master were captured and held as slaves in the Outer Rim Territories. He returned to the Order after his escape and became a Jedi Knight.

In the years that followed, Kelrada was promoted to Jedi Master and became the head of the Coruscant Jedi Council, giving him a seat on the Jedi High Council. During this time, he was promoted to Grand Master and became romantically involved with fellow Jedi Talzea Keldroma, though their relationship ended when Keldroma left him; Keldroma disagreed with Kelrada’s plan to seek peace between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union after the onset of the Alsakan Crisis. During his negotiations, the Alsakan Vicar, Lharra, was assassinated by her own aides on Ossus.

Having been implicated in the assassination, Kelrada convened a conclave to discuss the Order’s future involvement in the war. Due to his mind having become distracted by the end of his relationship with Keldroma, Sarina Lightell manipulated Kelrada into lashing out and framed him for the murder of Edo Tesu, which she had committed. This murder led to a schism in the Order that saw the creation of the Ospion Guardians, at which point Kelrada fled the Order.

Kelrada spent the next two decades searching for Lightell and the Ospion. He fell to the dark side of the Force during his quest for vengeance against Lightell, before finally capturing and killing her in 12,979 BBY, during the First Hutt War. Shortly thereafter, he infiltrated the temple of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan on Ando Prime, killed their leader, and took command of the Dark Jedi, promising to forge their group into an empire. Under Kelrada’s command, the Dark Jedi made their way to the Esstran sector and subjucated Conscio, where Kelrada declared himself Emperor of the Bogan Empire.

The next several years saw the Empire solidify its relationship with the Hutt Empire, giving the Bogan ample military protection against the Jedi Order. After the outbreak of the Second Hutt War, Kelrada faked his own death and left the Empire.


Early life[]

Banik as a young man.

Banik Kelrada was born on Coruscant in 13,045 BBY. He was taken to the Jedi Temple on Coruscant when he was very young to become a member of the Jedi Order, so he did not have any memories of his family. He remained in the Jedi Temple most of the time, but he was allowed out into the city while supervised; he came to prefer the city planet to other Jedi worlds, such as the Jedi headquarters on Ossus.[1]

When Kelrada was thirteen years old, he began his official Jedi training. He studied the lightsaber forms Makashki and Soresu, believing that knowing both offensive and defensive forms would give him an advantage over opponents. During his studies, his instructors felt he had strong potential to be a highly proficient lightsaber duelist. These skills made him feel over-confident at times, an emotion that was difficult for him to control.[1]


Banik and his master were sent on a mission just after Kelrada's eighteenth birthday, and what he assumed was the end of his training, when they were attacked and kidnapped by a group of slavers looking for new slaves. Banik and his master resisted, leading to his master's death. For two weeks, Kelrada sat in the slaver's prison, assuming that a Jedi team would rescue him, but help never arrived. He was taken to a planet in the Outer Rim Territories and was sold into slavery.[1]

When he arrived on the planet, Banik tried to escape his captors, but they used Force-suppressing devices on him to prevent it. He was sold to a mining company and sent to work in the mines of another planet. The conditions of the planet caused the mental blocks he had constructed around darker, albeit natural, emotions to begin eroding. Kelrada started directing emotions such as anger and hatred towards his masters.[1]

Kelrada joined with a number of other slaves and swore to kill their slave masters and gain freedom. Banik felt he was prepared to attack the captors at any time, but the rest of the group decided to wait in order to test their combat skills against one another before acting against their enemy. Weeks later, they attempted an attack using the element of surprise during the night, slitting the throats of all high ranking mine officials, sealing their weapons, and taking their command codes in an escape attempt. Banik and the others ran from the camp, but only he and one other slave survived.[1]

For days, Banik and the other survivor lived in the planet's jungle with no food and only the water that was on the ground. After days without food, the other survivor attacked Banik in what Kelrada described as a cannibalistic rage. Banik killed the man but collapsed from fatigue, allowing his slave masters time to find him and return with him to the labor camp.[1]

Returning to the life of a slave, his masters began to frequently torture Banik due to his escape attempt. It was during this time that he met a woman named Al'eal, and the two formed a deep connection with one another, going so far as to begin planning a life together if they were able to escape the planet. She was killed, however, while attempting to save Banik from a routine morning slave execution. Banik and a group of other slaves escaped the labor camp a few weeks later, and he returned Coruscant to gain re-entry into the Jedi Order.[1]

Return to the Jedi[]

When Banik arrived on Coruscant, he expected to be warmly welcomed home, but he found that few people remembered who he was, despite not being gone for too long. He was treated like a guest at first; after being taken before the Jedi High Council, he was tested in order to determine his mental state, and the Council allowed him to be reinstated in the Order as a Padawan.[1]

As a Padawan once more, Kelrada spent the following months recovering from his time in captivity, as well as going through a degree of retraining in order to re-strengthen his skills with the Force and a lightsaber. He was ultimately permitted to take the Jedi Trials, which he passed. Stronger emotions were not forbidden for Jedi Knights by the Jedi Tenets, the guiding code of the Jedi Order during his era, but Kelrada felt forced to hide the anger and hatred that he had felt as a slave so he could function well as a Jedi Knight.[1]

Banik often thought about Al'eal and questioned why she had to die while he was allowed to live, but he eventually moved on while holding onto her memory, despite it being difficult for him to do so; he felt that the memory of her strength helped him throughout his years as a Jedi Knight.[1]

Kelrada spent nearly two decades a Jedi Knight. When he was in his late thirties, he was promoted to Jedi Master, and was granted a seat on the Coruscant Jedi Council that oversaw the Jedi Temple soon thereafter. He soon became the leader of the Coruscanti council, giving him a seat on the Jedi High Council.[1]

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Banik Kelrada is a role-playing character created by Brandon Rhea on TheStarWarsRP.Com. The character was first introduced on February 25, 2008 as the Jedi Grand Master in Alsakan Crisis, the website's third role-playing timeline.[3] After the site moved into its fourth timeline, Great Hutt Wars, the character continued to be used.[2]


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