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Treaty of Centares

Great Hutt Wars[1]

Date proposed

12,978 BBY[1]

Proposed by

Banik Kelrada[1]


Bogan Empire[2]

Hutt Empire[1]

Key individuals

Banik Kelrada[1]

Tusa Ujalli Hai[1]


The Bogan Empire trains Hutt forces to fight against the Jedi Order in exchange for the colonization of the Esstran sector[2]

"There is little use in betraying all that we've gained and all that we can gain from one another."
Banik Kelrada to Tusa Ujalli Hai[src]

The Treaty of Centares was an agreement between the Bogan Empire and the Hutt Empire signed on the planet Centares. The treaty was first proposed by Banik Kelrada, then the leader of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan before they were reformed into the Bogan Empire, who suggested to Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai that they meet on Centares to discuss the terms.[1] When the treaty was signed, it allowed for the Bogan Empire to subjugate the Esstran sector under its control, in exchange for aiding the Hutt Empire in learning how to fight against the Jedi Order in anticipation of the Second Hutt War.[2]


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