"The time stream can tell us many things about our past and our future, but the historical events are subject to our own point of view. Interpretation is the key."
Ussej Padric Bac tells Duseuso about the time stream[src]
Morning at the stream

The time stream in the early morning hours of Ashlan Four.

The time stream was a supposedly natural and divine body of water on Ashlan Four that allowed selectively trained individuals to view the historical timeline of the universe and, if possible, view certain historical events as an impartial observer. It was located in a large river the base of the mountains near the Whill Monastery. Although it was unknown to most people in the galaxy, the timeline allowed trained individuals to look at not only the timeline of the galaxy, but of the entire universe.[1]

Despite the ability to briefly view historical events by looking at the stream, it was not the only way to use the time stream. If someone with the ability to read the stream stepped within a segment of the stream containing a historical event, it would appear to them as if time on Ashlan Four would stop. They would then become an impartial and unseen observer in that time period, unless they wished to intervene, and could watch the events unfold as they had either thousands of years earlier or thousands of years into the future. The only person who had the ability to enter into the time stream or bring others into with him was Ussej Padric Bac, the Shaman of the Whills.[1]

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