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"Think of all of the famous senators and chancellors and governors and whoever else you've heard of in galactic politics. Now try and find one Coruscanti in that list. I bet you can't. Well, lucky for you, I've come along now."
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Thierry Darkrose was a male Human politician from Coruscant who served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. He began his political career as the Galactic Senator of Coruscant, which he served as during the outbreak of the Alsakan Crisis.

When Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor was assassinated in 12,999 BBY, Darkrose was elected to succeed her. He oversaw the remainder of the war as Supreme Chancellor, including the Battle of Alsakan that ended the war but resulted in the deaths of millions of Alsakans. As a result, Darkrose instituted policies to aid Alsakan refugees assimilate into the Republic. He left office in 12,995 BBY, and Senator Alcor Bac of Alderaan was elected in his place.


Early life and career[]

Thierry Darkrose was born on Coruscant. His name was given to him by his mother, who was from Coruscant and desired a Coruscanti name for her son.[1]

As he grew older, Darkrose ultimately entered into politics, where he was elected to serve as the Galactic Senator for Coruscant. Recognizing that the Senator of Coruscant had little real power, he chose to spend his time in front of the cameras rather than making any statement or policy decisions of value.[1]

In 12,999 BBY, following a schism in the Jedi Order, a cease-fire agreement between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union, and the assassination of Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor during the Alsakan Crisis, Darkrose held a meeting on Bothawai with the Ospion Guardians, who were Jedi that had broken away from the Order during the schism, at the behest of Supreme Commander Arthur Tudor, who had taken an actively leadership role in the Republic after Tanoor's assassination.[2]


In the wake of Chancellor Tanoor's assassination, Supreme Commander Tudor's brief service as interim leader of the Republic ended. Darkrose was elected Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic,[3] a surprising election for him given that there were few prominent Coruscanti politicians in the history of the Republic.[1] He was succeeded as Senator of Coruscant by Homer Anthony Salandra,[4] who would also later go on to become Supreme Chancellor in 12,982 BBY.[5]

After his election, Darkrose oversaw a meeting of the Galactic Senate discussing a bombing on the surface of Metellos, which was the location of a battle between the Republic and the Alsakan Union before the cease-fire began. Darkrose learned that the death toll of the attack could have risen into the hundreds of millions, so he dispatched military forces to aid in the search and rescue efforts. The Chancellor reported that intelligence was suggesting Alsakan or Alsakan-affiliated terrorists, which would have meant that the Alsakans broke the cease-fire agreement before it was set to end.[6]

Darkrose oversaw the rest of the war as Supreme Chancellor. At the war's end, the Battle of Alsakan resulted in the devastation of the planet Alsakan at the hands of the Alsakan Union military commanders. Millions of Alsakans were killed, but many survived. Refugees from the war assimilated into the Republic, and Darkrose's administration enacted policies to ensure that this was as smooth a transition as possible. Not every Alsakan assimilated, however; sects, such as the Alsakan Restoration Movement, were created that blamed the Republic leadership for what happened to their planet, but Darkrose's administration did not consider these groups to be a credible threat to Republic security.[7]

With the war over and refugees flooding into the Republic, Darkrose's government signed a peace treaty with the surviving members of the Alsakan leadership, officially ending the Alsakan Crisis, prompting widespread celebration throughout the Republic. Darkrose remained in office for the next three years, until 12,995 BBY, at which time Alderaanian Senator Alcor Bac was elected to succeed him.[7]

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Thierry Darkrose was created and role-played by fan fiction author and role-player Edward Oliver for use in TheStarWarsRP.Com's third role-playing timeline. Oliver chose actor Edward Norton to portray the character, which was met with praise from fellow role-players. The character was first posted on January 10, 2009, and was used in only two role-playing threads,[2] one of which was not completed.[2]



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