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The Force, also called the Force of Others by the Ophuchi Clan, was a metaphysical binding field that held great religious importance for various orders throughout history, including the Order of the Jedi Bendu, the Jedi Order, and the Order of the Sith Lords. Users of the Force were able to tap in and manipulate its powers for their own use; this led to two distinct ideologies, the light side and the dark side. Some of these powers allowed users to increase the speed at which they moved, as well as have private telepathic conversations. Users could also detect disturbances in the Force telling them something was going to happen.[1]

Individuals such as Jedi followed the light side of the Force, while Sith followed the dark side;[1] the Jedi forbid their students from studying the dark side of the Force.[2] Other philosophies included the Living Force, which taught individuals to keep their concentration in the present. Some teachings also said that the Force had a will and did not let things happen by accident, as everything happened for a reason.[1]


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