Swoop racing on Telos IV.

Swoop racing was a high-speed racing sport throughout the galaxy.


Swoop racing was a popular sport during the Jedi Civil War. Racers competed against the times of other racers rather than the racers themselves. The main hub of swoop racing was on Taris prior to its devastation by Darth Malak. Other tracks were located on Manaan, Nar Shaddaa, Onderon, Telos IV, and Tatooine. While searching for the missing Jedi Bastilla Shan on Taris, Revan won the Taris races by using a modified swoop engine to clock in at the fastest time.[1]

Thousands of years later, during the Invasion of Utapau, swoop racing was still a popular sport on planets such as Tatooine. By then, the sport had evolved into one where racers directly competed against one another. Michael Lars was an amateur swoop racer and Sebulba was a professional at that time.[2]


During the Jedi Civil War, swoop racers would race on swoop tracks individually rather than against other racers. Scattered across courses would be obstacles that racers would have to avoid, as well as acceleration pads that would allow a swoop bike to move faster. Racers would do this one or several times, and the racer with the fastest time would be declared the winner.[1]

While some tracks, such as on Taris, were professional racing circuits, other worlds such as Tatooine had ammeter tracks. The track coordinator on Tatooine was Motta the Hutt, who would award race bonds as a prize that could later be sold.[1]

In the millennia that followed, the sport's popularity waned, but it was still a popular sport on Tatooine. Rather than race against the times of other racers, swoop racers raced against one another on the track at the same time. This made the sport more dangerous, as participants had to be mindful not only of obstacles but also of other swoop bikes and racers.[2]


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