Supreme Chancellor
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Jonathan Bac[1]

Notable members

Known office holders


Galactic City, Coruscant[2]

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Formed from

Galactic Constitution[1]


c. 25,000 BBY[1]

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The Supreme Chancellor was the head of state and government in the Galactic Republic. The office holders also served as President of the Senate, Senate Chair, and Commander in Chief of the Republic; Chancellors were also addressed as "Excellency." The Chancellor—beginning with Jonathan Bac, the first Supreme Chancellor—was meant to embody the essence of everything that citizens who loved freedom held dear to them.[5] Chancellors must have first been Galactic Senators, as Chancellors were elected from within the Galactic Senate by the Senate. Individuals could serve two four year terms, per the Galactic Constitution.[2]

Chancellors worked from an office in the Senate Rotunda and the Senate Office Building in Galactic City on Coruscant.[2] They would preside over the Galactic Senate and could sign legislation into law if it was passed by the Senate.[4]

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