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Summit on Eriadu

23 BBY[1]




Assassination of non-Neimoidian members of the Trade Federation Directorate[1]

Affiliations involved

Trade Federation Directorate[1]

The Summit on Eriadu was a Trade Federation Directorate summit that took place on Eriadu one year before the Invasion of Utapau. Prior to the summit, the Trade Federation appointed Neimoidian Federation Senator Nute Gunray as the new Viceroy of the Trade Federation. Gunray wanted sole authority over the shipping cartel, but the powers and rights of the Directorate prevented him from achieving that. Shortly thereafter, he came into contact with Darth Maul, who promised to make Gunray the sole leader of the Federation, an offer that Gunray accepted.[1]

One year later, the summit was convened, although Gunray and the Neimoidian Trade Federation Senator Lott Dodd were absent. In their absence, Federation B-1 battle droids opened fire on the members of the Directorate, all of whom were not Neimoidian. They were all killed, leaving Gunray and Dodd as the only surviving members of the Directorate. After the assassination, Gunray filled the empty seats with his own Neimoidian puppets. This allowed him, among other things, to launch the Invasion of Utapau, an event that resulted from the Galactic Republic's passing of the Republic Anti-Slavery Law that prevented Republic corporations from using slave workers outside of Republic territories.[1]


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