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Sohna Sanmuriko
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House Baatch[1]

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Before the Republic era[1]

Sohna Sanmuriko was a companion of Jedi Master Calid Baatch, whom she later married, in the days following the Force Wars.


Sohna Sanmuriko became a companion of Calid Baatch, a Jedi Master and a Je'daii Ashla veteran of the Force Wars. Along with Xetata, the group explored the galaxy and its people while in search of enlightenment. One particular mission they went on was to stop terrorists from spreading an artificial plague on Ryloth. The terrorists' goals was to steal the planet's resources without interference from the plague-stricken Twi'lek, which they were unable to do when their plan was thwarted.[1]

During their adventures, Sohna and Calid fell in love and later married. Together, they had four children: daughters Mira and Lassia, and sons Conrad and Borrin. Mira went on to lead House Baatch, one of the noble families of Alderaan, while Calid returned to his galactic travels, but she fell in love with Khem Keldrommas and became pregnant out of wedlock. The resulting union between Mira and Khem produced three grandchildren for Sohna: a grandson named Khevran, and two granddaughters named Dinara and Adena.[1]


Years later, Dinara was killed while on a mission to resolve a dispute between settlers. Consumed with anger over her sister's loss, Adena fell under the influence of the darksphere, a device that had belonged to the Infinite Empire and was later found by Adena, Dinara, and Kel-Ma. Adena created the Cult of the Sphere, and Calid and Mira were forced to confront her and defeat her. As punishment, Adena was imprisoned in a hyperspace sleeper ship and remained in stasis for thousands of years.[1]

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Sohna Sanmuriko was created by Adena McDargh, a role-player and administrator on TheStarWarsRP.Com,[2] as part of the backstory of the website's role-playing lore. The character was first mentioned in a lore entry released on January 7, 2013.[1]


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