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Skirmish on Iridonia

Alsakan Crisis[1]


13,000 BBY[1]




Republic victory[1]


Alsakan Union[1]

  • 1 Alsakan freighter[1]
  • Multiple Alsakan personnel[1]

A skirmish on Iridonia took place in 13,000 BBY between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union during the Alsakan Crisis. The skirmish began after an Alsakan freighter crash landed on the planet. Republic soldiers landed on Iridonia and surrounded the vessel, prompting the conflict that lasted throughout the night. Members of the Jedi Order also participated in the skirmish.


In the midst of the Alsakan Crisis between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union, an Alsakan freighter crashed on Iridonia. The freighter crashed into a market, but none of the Zabraks in the area were killed due to the market being mostly empty at the same. A Galactic Republic cruiser landed shortly thereafter, and Republic soldiers began mobilizing outside the market.[1]

The battleEdit

With their forces landed, the Republic soldiers surrounded the crashed freighter. A battle broke out between the Republic troopers and Alsakan freighter crew. The Republic had superior numbers and firepower in the engagement, so the Alsakans were overpowered by the Republic forces.[1]

The fighting between the two sides lasted throughout the night; explosions, blaster bolts, and slugthrower blasts were heard across the city by the Zabraks, who had taken refuge in their homes and elsewhere. During the night, Jedi forces also participated in the conflict. The skirmish ceased around dawn.[1]


In the aftermath of the Republic’s victory, a member of the Jedi Order found a young Zabrak named Vizza Mander hiding in his home. The Jedi determined that Mander was Force-sensitive and offered him the opportunity to train as a Jedi, to which Mander accepted. Mander later became a Jedi Knight, as well as a Shade Knight in the Shade Order.[1]


Twenty-one years later, in 12,979 BBY, Iridonia again became the location of a battle involving Republic forces. After years of tension, the Republic and the Hutt Empire—which accused the Republic’s policy of expansion into the Mid Rim of being part of a policy to expand into the Hutt-controlled Outer Rim Territories—agreed to hold high level negotiations on the planet between Supreme Chancellor Homer Anthony Salandra and Hutt Chairman Gorbagg. A battle broke out between the two sides—it was not known who fired the first shots—and the Hutt War began.[2]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Battle of Iridonia was not role-played during the third timeline of TheStarWarsRP.Com. The skirmish was first mentioned in the role-playing profile for Vizza Mander, written by TheStarWarsRP.Com user Enekappa.[1]


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