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Second Battle of Kor Nijiladii[1]

Skirmish above Corellia

Hutt Civil War[1]


12,976 BBY[1]


Corellia (orbit)[1]


Death of Gorrbag[1]



Corellian Security Forces[1]

Hutt Empire



Taung assassin[1]



At the end of the Hutt Civil War, former Hutt Chairman Gorrbag, who led the unsuccessful rebellion against Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai, fled to Corellia in an effort to hide from Tusa’s forces. He was killed in a skirmish with Corellian Security Forces in orbit of the planet.


At the end of the First Hutt War in 12,977 BBY, former Hutt Chairman Gorrbag, who had led the Hutt Empire to war against the Galactic Republic two years earlier, gathered a force of rebels to seize control of the Empire from Hutt Emperor Tusa Ujalli Hai. The attempted coup against Tusa failed, sparking the Hutt Civil War.[1]

The war was fought over the next two years. By the second year, Tusa’s loyalist forces were able to push back and ultimately defeat Gorrbag’s rebellion. Tusa’s victory ended the Hutt Civil War, and Gorrbag fled to Republic space in the hopes of remaining hidden from Tusa and his forces.[1]


Gorrbag fled to Corellia after the war ended.

Gorrbag returned to his old fortress on his homeworld of Corellia, where he lived prior to becoming part of the Hutt Empire’s government years earlier. With most of his former crime syndicate having died in the rebellion, however, he had few means of protection himself and had to rely on what he hoped would be Tusa’s ignorance as to where he had fled. Gorrbag planned to use that time to request asylum in the Republic, despite having been the Hutt leader to launch the First Hutt War to begin with.[1]

Before he could request asylum, a Taung warrior in service of the Hutt Empire—the Taung had remained officially neutral, but secretly sided with Tusa—infiltrated Gorrbag’s fortress and attempted to kill him. The Hutt was able to escape to his ship and make his way into orbit, where he was confronted by a number of Corellian Security Forces vessels. CorSec demanded that he surrender for questioning, but Gorrbag refused to surrender and opened fire. The ensuing firefight led to the destruction of Gorrbag’s ship and his death.[1]


Having killed the Hutt who launched the First Hutt War, the Galactic Republic declared a minor victory, claiming that Gorrbag had been brought to justice for his actions while in power. The Republic did not, however, consider Gorrbag’s actions as an act of war, as they knew about the Hutt Civil War and chose to see the Corellian incident as an act of only one Hutt.[1]

Tusa was furious that he was unable to kill Gorrbag himself. The former Chairman’s death did, however, allow the rebellion to completely collapse, giving Tusa the opportunity to strengthen his rule of the Empire with power and control he did not have prior to the rebellion. Nonetheless, he carried the resentment of the Republic killing Gorrbag for a number of years, even during the Second Hutt War that broke out in 12,973 BBY.[1]


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