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Jedi Order[1]


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13,009 BBY[1]


Cain Ray[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

The Shade Order was a Force-sensitive organization active during the time of the Alsakan Crisis and the Hutt War. The group was founded by former Jedi Cain Ray circa 13,009 BBY.



Circa 13,009 BBY, a disillusioned Jedi named Cain Ray left the Jedi Order, leading a number of followers with him. Leaving the Order, they traveled to the jungle world of Thyferra where they founded the Shadow Order. The organization operated similarly to the Jedi in how they trained their Padawans, namely one-on-one tutelage from an elder Shade Knight or Shade Master.[1]

Despite being keen to maintain the secrecy of their existence and location, many people eager for a new start, or a new purpose, sought out the Shade Order. The knights themselves, too, sought possible potential apprentices wherever they could, without trying to offend the Jedi or be seen as forcing their easily Padawans from their path. Even so, Cain was sure to to send his followers wherever there was talk of a dark disturbance. Often they were mistaken for Jedi, and they rarely paused long to correct bystanders.[1]

Alsakan Crisis[]

When the Alsakan Crisis began in 13,000 BBY, the Order began facing internal struggles of their own. A meeting with a Dark Jedi brought a series of questions to the Shade Order which were not answered to their satisfaction with the emergence of the Ospion Guardians, and an attack on the Shade enclave that culminated in the deaths of a couple of the Shade despite a victory, were just two trials in a series of events that had all but ended with the Alsakan surrender. After this, knowledge of the Shade Order became public.[1]

The Shade leadership moved quickly to hide themselves from the galaxy. The enclave on Thyferra, upon a nexus of Force energy, was expanded, camouflaged, and protected with numerous techniques. Cain also began to put plans together for other such enclaves, although much smaller. He began paving the path for this by establishing small safe houses on a number of worlds, always leaving these outposts with at least one master. They fed information back to Cain, as he allowed the Force to guide him to places where they might have wanted to go. With these outposts, he began to gather an idea of where they would set up a base next. Over twenty years, he put together many of these small outposts to know where he would turn his hand to installing his secondary enclave.[1]

It seemed to the Shade members that Cain was preparing to give the order for them to move when he announced that he wanted the Shade Order to vanish for a time. After relations between the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire seemed to be headed towards war, Cain ensured that all members of the order were accounted for. In 12,980 BBY, feeling that the enclave and outposts were safe, Cain left to investigate.[1]

Cain returned in 12,979 BBY and presented his findings to the Shade Master's Council. He placed Master Aleyn Julius in charge of the Order before he disappeared again. She began to gather the forces and prepare to fight against the Dark Jedi of Bogan alongside the Jedi after the Assault on the Jedi Temple.[1]


The Shade Order was led by a council of masters, which in turn was led by the leader of the Shade Order. Beneath this council, similar to the organization of the Jedi Order, were Shade Masters, Shade Knights, and Shade Padawans.[1]


"My emotion makes me
My knowledge guides me
My passion drives me
My strength enables me
My harmony balances me
I walk the shaded path
―Code of the Shade Order[src]

The Shade Order did not believe that there were any absolutes with the Force. To them, inherent light and dark was a myth, rather there was only the Force in numerous manifestations. They did not try to bend the Force to their will entirely, as they felt slaves to the dark side did, but they also did not seek to serve its every suggestion as the Jedi Order claimed to. The Order's mandate relied on this balance.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

The Shade Order is an independent role-playing faction on TheStarWarsRP.Com.[1] The faction was created by Edward Oliver in February, 2008 for the website's third role-playing timeline.[2] Oliver again brought the Shade Order into the role-play for the fourth timeline, set twenty years after the events of the third.[3] His tenure as leader during the fourth timeline only lasted a few months, however, before he handed the leadership role over to em.cecile.[1]


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