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Saul Zaren
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Saul Zaren was the Galactic Senator of Corellia during the Hutt War. He was born on Corellia into the Zaren political dynasty and was elected to the Corellian Planetary Legislature, where he became an adviser to the King of Corellia. Saul was appointed to serve out the remaining years of his nephew Nathanahu Zaren's term as Senator of Corellia after Nathanahu was assassinated.


Saul Zaren was born into the Zaren political dynasty on Corellia. His family held numerous political positions; Saul served in the Corellian Planetary Legislature and served as an adviser to the King of Corellia during the Alsakan Crisis. The king often called on advise from a number of sources, one of them being Saul—who often advocated politically liberal points of view, the opposite of the King's. Saul's brother, Judah Zaren, served as the Galactic Senator of Corellia around the same time.[1]

In the years that followed, Judah's son, Nathanahu Zaren, was elected to the Galactic Senate to represent Corellia, becoming a strong opposition force in the galactic legislature during the Hutt War. He was assassinated by unidentified forces, leading the King of Corellia to ask Saul serve the remainder of his nephew's term. Saul accepted the king's offer.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Zaren held himself to a high standard in public office, attempting to do his best at being a humble, modest, and selfless public servant. His goal was to see his beliefs turned into law, as he believed they were what was best for his planet and the Republic. He opposed Corellian succession from the Republic, which a number of his planet's citizens favored, and—unlike his family—valued the relationship between the Republic and the Jedi Order. He opposed a standing Republic military during peacetime, believing that a security force was all that was necessary outside of war.[1]

As a representative of Corellia, Zaren felt it important to represent Corellia in his appearance as well, presenting himself as wealthy and noble. He did, however, feel it was important to represent the poor and working classes as well, all while striking a balance between representing the working class and appearing as diplomatically presentable as he could.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Saul Zaren was created by role-player Hunter Manuel for the Hutt War role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com. The character was first posted on September 4, 2010.[1]


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