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Sara Jade
Biographical information

Sara Jade's father[1]

Physical description





1.7 meters[2]

Hair color


Eye color


Real-world information

Rise of the Empire era[1]

Portrayed by

Katie Cassidy[1]

"The galaxy isn’t a place for good people, Michael. People aren’t looking for leadership. They want money and pleasure."
—Sara Jade[src]

Sara Jade was a Human female resident of Anchorhead Station and the daughter of a Hutt Cartel officer stationed in Mos Eisley Spaceport. In 22 BBY, she was in a relationship with Joshua Banai, but she was previously with Michael Lars for over a year before she left him.[1]

Although Sara was known to be kind and comforting, she could also be condescending and bitter. She would often build up Michael's confidence but also tear it down, becoming angry at him for what she saw as his weakness in the face of the Hutt oppression. She believed that the only way to live a happy life under the rule of the Hutts was to give into desires.[1]


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