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Related events

Invasion of Utapau

Republic Anti-Slavery Law
Date proposed

23 BBY[1]


Galactic Republic[2]

Legislative body

Galactic Senate[2]


Law successfully passed, leading to the Trade Federation's Invasion of Utapau[2]

Support Opposition

Nute Gunray[2]

The Republic Anti-Slavery Law was a law drafted and passed by the Galactic Senate of the Galactic Republic in 23 BBY that forbid the use of slaver workers by Republic corporations outside of Republic territories.[2] Utapau Queen Sabé Arcadia, at the behest of the planet's Senator Malus Palpatine, was a principal supporter of the bill.[1] Once it passed, the Trade Federation shipping cartel became outraged, as losing the right to use slaves hurt their corporate bottom line. In retaliation, the Federation blockaded Utapau,[2] eventually invading it after one month of a blockade.[1]


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