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Rena Lanmaw
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Rena Lanmaw, was a human female, born on Alderaan 19 BBY. She was the daughter of Nerf farmers, Sadvo and Lania Lanmaw, and the twin sister of Epin Lanmaw. She was their fathers favorite and would typically get away with things without repercussions. When she wasn't busy, she spent time with her friend Arkus Quelprim. [1]


Early Life[]

Like her brother Epin, she would spend most of her time working on the Nerf farm. She would typically get away with not doing her chores though, having them pushed upon her brother by their father.

One evening, after getting in late, she talked with Epin about his encounter with Princess Leia, questioning why Leia would help a farm boy. Epin told her that it was because he and Leia were friends.[1]

On another occasion, it was she who let her brother in, after he returned form delivering Nerf to Aldera Palace with their father. She questioned him as to where he and their father had been all day, to which Epin answered they must have lost track of time. When she questioned further, he told her to ask their father, and quickly got into bed.[2]


Star Wars: The Alderaan Affair (First appearance)

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