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"That little droid did it!"
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R2-D2, also spelled Artoo Detoo, was an R2-series astromech droid in the service of the House of Arcadia on Utapau during the Invasion of Utapau. In 22 BBY, after Queen Sabé Arcadia fled Utapau to escape the Trade Federation, R2-D2 was aboard the queen’s vessel when it landed on Tatooine for repairs.

Description Edit

R2-D2 was a small, claw-armed tripod R2-series astromech droid,[2] one that stood at waist height when compared to the average Human.[1] The droid’s exterior was one of a number of computer lights, many of which surrounded a radar eye that sat in the middle of the front side of its dome-shaped head.[2]

Biography Edit

R2-D2 was specifically designed to work around space vessels as a diagnostic and repair unit. R2 was assigned to the royal starship of Queen Sabé Arcadia of Utapau sometime prior to the Invasion of Utapau. In 22 BBY, when the Trade Federation invaded and blockaded Utapau, R2 was aboard the royal vessel when Queen Arcadia used it to escape the Federation’s subjugation of the planet.[1]

As the vessel was fleeing the Federation blockade in orbit around the planet, its shield generator was damaged, rendering the craft vulnerable to the Federation’s weaponry. Along with a number of other astromech droids, R2 was sent onto the hull of the craft in an attempt to repair the generator. Though all of the other droids were destroyed, R2 survived and was able to repair the generator, allowing the vessel to make it through the Federation blockade and escape to Tatooine where the crew could make repairs.[1] R2 was later commended by Queen Arcadia for saving the ship.[3]

One day after the vessel arrived on Tatooine, R2 assisted in the repairs to the vessel, aiding Annikin Skywalker in his attempt to repair the damaged hyperdrive engine. While working on the repairs, R2 met C-3PO, Skywalker’s protocol droid, who was also helping in the repair efforts.[2]

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R2-D2 is the Alternative Star Wars Saga version of the canon character of the same name. The Alternative Saga version was developed by author Brandon Rhea for the novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One.[1]

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