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Outlander Club
General information

Vos Gesal Street, Uscru Entertainment District, Coruscant[1]


Adhamh Dashin[2]


Old Republic era[1]

The Outlander Club was an entertainment establishment on Coruscant for citizens of all classes, species, and occupations. It operated during the Alsakan Crisis and the Hutt War.


The Outlander Club was founded by Adhamh Dashin on Coruscant,[2] on Vos Gesal Street in the Uscru Entertainment District, as an entertainment hangout for gamblers and other criminal types; upper class citizens, however, would also drink at the club or discuss business with their associates. The club had a strong demand to watch swoop racing from the HoloNet screens that the club used for entertainment purposes.[1]


The club featured areas for playing games of sabacc and betting on sporting events, such as swoop racing, nuna-bal, and Odupiendo racing, all of which were displayed on large HoloNet telescreens throughout the club. The criminal underworld maintained a presence in the facility, including death stick dealers and con-artists. The club catered to illegal venues; the lower levels contained fight clubs between various combatants, and included illegal betting on the Galactic Games.[1]

Because the Outlander Club took its gambling business seriously, it provided sleeping compartments for gamblers who games ran for long hours. These areas, while not a brothel, did allow free-lance prostitutes to operate.[1]


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