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Order of the Jedi Bendu
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Historical information
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c. 99,945 BBY

Date of collapse(s)

c. 15,147 BBY

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Notable members

Matthew of Skywalker[1]


The Order of the Jedi Bendu, also called the Jedi Bendu Order and the Great Order, was a Force-based order in the Ashlan Nebula. The Jedi Bendu were involved in the formation of the Order of the Whills on Ashlan Four.


In 99,945 BBY, a member of the order named Matthew of Skywalker located a race called the Whills on their home planet of Brodo Asogi and led the Whills to Ashlan Four,[1] as foreseen in a prophecy many years earlier.[3]

After they arrived on the planet, the Jedi Bendu began to construct a monastery for the Whills, and a Chief of the Whills was appointed. Matthew shared his knowledge of the Force with the Whills, as well as the history of the Jedi Bendu and the planets in the Ashlan Nebula. The Whills began documenting this in the Journal of the Whills, a manuscript that they would use to document galactic history. After this, the Jedi Bendu had no further contact with the Whills.[1]

Thousands of years after the establishment of the Orders of the Whills, a schism brought on by political corruption and what the Jedi Bendu perceived to be a betrayal broke the Order into two individual orders. After the schism, some Jedi Bendu traveled to Tatooine. When they arrived, they established the religious Ophuchi Clan and constructed a Ophuchi sanctuary in the Dune Sea. Thousands of years later, the schism was remembered as a defining galactic event by the Ophuchi Clan, who also claimed that it was covered up by the Galactic Republic.[2]


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