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Ogana Royal Palace[1]


Ogana was the capital city of Utapau, the capital planet of the Chommell sector. During Utapau’s colonial period, Ogana, like other settlements, was one of numerous cities on the planet, none of which were unified under one government until the reign of Ogana’s King Jafan. The city became the planet’s capital once the other cities and settlements formed one planetary government, and it later became the seat of power of the House of Arcadia, the family that ruled Utapau for centuries up to and during the Invasion of Utapau in 22 BBY.

The city, like Utapau, was relatively untouched by war. During the Great Sovereign Crusades in 3,522 BBY, the city was the site of the Battle of Utapau, which began following a Mandalorian attack on the planet and city. Thousands of years later, in 22 BBY, the city was attacked by the Trade Federation during the Battle of Ogana, part of the Invasion of Utapau. A rebellion began in the city shortly thereafter.

Seen by its people as an architectural triumph, Ogana’s architecture was designed with one unified style throughout the city. It came about following the Great Sovereign Crusades, with the city’s rebuilders making extensive repairs throughout.


Ogana, the capital city of Utapau, was characterized as having a unified and harmonious structure of architecture, one that came about after strict planning and extensive rebuilding following the Mandalorian invasion during the Great Sovereign Crusades in 3,522 BBY. Ogana citizens's felt that if one was to stand at the city's highest point, they would be able to see the city stretch out towards the horizon. They considered Ogana to be an architectural triumph due to the high stone walls, green domed-roofs, peaked towers, and sculpted archways found throughout the city. The flow of waterfalls on the outskirts of the city also provided a backdrop for those who took the time to listen to what was considered by the citizens to be the planet's beauty.[1]


In the years prior to the Invasion of Utapau, high grade plasma veins were discovered below the streets of Ogana. King Veruna Arcadia and Senator Malus Palpatine decided to build a plasma mining and refining center in the heart of the city. Because Utapau was not fond of actual trade, the government allowed the Trade Federation to purchase the plasma only at a fixed cost, but the Federation sold Utapau short by selling it to others at marked up prices. Utapau ended the deal and King Arcadia expanded the military as he feared a military response. These actions, widely regarded as unpopular and controversial, led to Arcadia’s assassination and the ascension of his daughter, Sabé Arcadia, to the throne.[1]

After the Trade Federation landed their battle droid troops on the planet during the Invasion of Utapau, which began after Utapau supported a measure in the Galactic Senate opposing the use of slaves outside of Galactic Republic territory by Republic corporations, droid commander OOM-9 reported that the Federation’s goal was to capture a number of cities before taking Ogana and capturing Queen Arcadia. During the Battle of New Centrif, New Centrif Mayor Arruinada sent a message to Ogana in an attempt to warn them about the invasion.[1]


Ogana was the capital city of Utapau and the location of the Ogana Royal Palace, which housed the royal family. The city was also led by Governor Sio Bibble.[1]


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