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New Xenvaer
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c. 12,999 BBY[1]



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c. 10,000[1]


Old Republic era[1]


New Xenvaer was an Alsakan city on Tae'Sha, the home of the Tae and the Templars of Sha. The city was constructed specifically for Alsakan refugees following the end of the Alsakan Crisis. Over ten thousand Alsakans lived in the city. It was named for Xenvaer, the Alsakan city that was destroyed during the final battle of the war with the Republic.


The city of New Xenvaer was visible in orbit of Tae'Sha. Like all other cities on the planet, New Xenvaer was designed and constructed to be one single entity that was not allowed to expand; Taen law dictated that when additional space was required, a new city would be built. The Tae, therefore, considered New Xenvaer and its other cities to be a work of art, one that was carefully built to take beauty into account.[1]

When refugees from Xenvaer, the city that orbited the planet Alsakan, fled to Tae'Sha after the destruction of the city and devastation of their planet, they settled in New Xenvaer—the city was named after the original Xenvaer—and constructed large walls to isolate themselves from nature in keeping with the mandate from their Church of the Jintu.[1]


In 12,999 BBY, after years of having little to no contact with the rest of the galaxy, the Tae returned to the galactic stage. That same year, the Alsakan Crisis between the Alsakan Union, which the Tae had once been a part of, and the Galactic Republic came to an end during the Battle of Alsakan. The battle came to a close when religious zealots in the Alsakan military collapsed the orbital integrity of Xenvaer, where all Alsakans lived, and crashed it into the planet, devastating the surface and leaving it a wasteland.[1]

The Tae chose to recognize their old ancestry and established New Xenavaer on Tae'Sha, declaring the entire region Alsakan territory. Most Alsakan refugees fled to the city, and, along with the entire planet, they chose to join the Galactic Republic, gaining a seat in the Galactic Senate.[1]


Over ten thousand Alsakans lived in New Xenvaer. In keeping with the terms of their alliance with the Tae, a number of Alsakans soldiers filled the ranks of the Templars of Sha in order to increase Templar forces. The Alsakans were unable to use the Hidden Art, the set of Force abilities used by the Templars, so they typically made up combat troops; the majority of the forces were veterans of the Alsakan Crisis or civil wars that were fought between the Alsakans and the Templars.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

New Xenvaer was created in 2010 by Rowan Grimes, a role-player and former administrator of TheStarWarsRP.Com, for the backstory of his Templars of Sha faction.[1]


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