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Nathanahu Zaren
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"I am Corellia."
―Nathanahu Zaren[src]

Nathanahu Zaren was the Galactic Senator of Corellia during the early days of the Hutt War. He was a member of the Zaren political dynasty and was the son of former Corellian Senator Judah Zaren. Prior to his election to the Galactic Senate, Nathanahu was a member of the Corellian Planetary Legislature.

As a member of the Senate, Zaren was a self-described political conservative. He favored a smaller central government, supported the Hutt War, and opposed the inclusion of the Jedi Order in the government. Zaren was assassinated in 12,978 BBY, and his seat was taken over by his uncle, Saul Zaren.


Early life[]

Nathanahu Zaren was born into the Zaren political dynasty on Corellia as the son of former Galactic Senator Judah Zaren. As an adult, he was elected to the Corellian Planetary Legislature, and was later elected to the Galactic Senate to represent Corellia; he noted his opposition to the Hutt Empire, who the Galactic Republic went to war with the same year as his election, and his anti-Jedi stances as the reason for his successful election.[1]

Senatorial career[]

Once in the Senate, Nathanahu pushed a conservative agenda, saying that the Republic should operate as it did when it was founded circa 25,000 BBY. His agenda also included anti-Jedi policies, centered around his opposition to the inclusion of the Jedi Order in the Republic, as well as pro-Hutt War policies, shrinking the size of the central government, favoring big business, expansion into the Mid Rim, and other military-driven policies. Over the next year, he allied himself with other conservative senators, such as the Senator of Carida.[1]

In 12,978 BBY, Supreme Chancellor Homer Anthony Salandra faced a re-election challenge from Senator Jamall Mohatu. When the Senate held its Chancellory election, Mohatu was declared the winner and addressed the Senate, advocating a stronger stance against the Hutt Empire in the war effort. A number of representatives reacted to his call to arms, including Zaren; Nathanahu advocated an aggressive push to not only remove the Hutts from the Mid Rim, but to destroy them completely. He also used the occasion as an opportunity to push for cutting off support towards the Jedi Order, labeling them "religious rogue extremists." Zaren's stance was opposed by those who spoke after him; although he did not concede his position, he did offer to pledge Corellian Defense Force soldiers for the war against the Hutts, provided that only Corellians commanded them. The condition for Corellian-only commanders was also opposed.[2]


Later that year, Nathanahu was assassinated. His killer was not known, but an investigation continued after his death. He was replaced in the Galactic Senate by his uncle, Saul Zaren, who described himself as a political liberal—in opposition to his nephew. Saul hoped to repair whatever damage his nephew, and his brother Judah, had done to Corellia during their terms in office.[3]

Personality and traits[]

Zaren was a self-described political conservative, similar to his father. Also like his father, Zaren publicly stood in opposition to many beliefs held by Alderaan, which was a rival of Corellia's in the Core Worlds. He described the Jedi Order as the root of the Republic's problems, including the Alsakan Crisis, the Ospion Schism, and the creation of the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, and he blamed the Alderaanian Bac family,[1] with whom his family had a rivalry with for thousands of years,[4] for the Jedi becoming a part of the Republic.[1]

As a Senator, Zaren also opposed any proposal to place Jedi in charge of Republic forces during the Hutt War. It was his belief that, without the presence of the Jedi, the Hutts, or the Bogan, the Republic—and the galaxy itself—would be a perfect system of government.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Nathanahu Zaren was created by role-player Hunter Manuel on June 8, 2010 for the Hutt War role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com; the character was created as the son of Judah Zaren,[1] one of Manuel's characters during the previous role-playing timeline.[5] Manuel used the likeness of controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders for the character, though he noted that he did not fully base the character off of Wilders. Manuel also hoped that the rivalry between Corellia and Alderaan, present in the third timeline, could return.[1] The character's death was later referenced in the profile for one of Manuel's subsequent characters, Saul Zaren.[3]

After the character's profile was posted, role-player and Alternative Star Wars Saga author Edward Oliver suggested that Zaren did not seem Corellian, as many parts of Corellia, in the third and fourth role-playing timelines, favored independence from the Republic. Oliver described their Senate seat as "anti-Republic," whereas Zaren favored "forced, galaxy-wide unity under the Republic's banner." Manuel replied by saying that the views espoused by those Corellians and his character were similar, as Zaren was skeptical of the central government and favored planetary governments having more control than the Republic over their own affairs. Oliver did note, however, that he was pleased to see a Senatorial character who did not favor the Jedi, due to the galaxy-wide mistrust of the Jedi during the timeline.[1]


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