Alternative Star Wars Saga
My Father's Dreams

Brandon Rhea[1]

Cover artist

Squishy Vic[2]

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Media type

Short story[1]


Fan fiction[1]

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My Father's Dreams is an upcoming short story written by Brandon Rhea. Set a few years after the formation of the Galactic Republic, the story will chronicle the life of Jonathan Bac, the recently retired first Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. The story will be told as a flashback, with Bac recounting his life to an interviewer who will write a story about him, and will be told using a first-person narrative, the narrative being Bac speaking to the interviewer. The story does not currently have a release date.


Shortly after his retirement as the Galactic Republic's first Supreme Chancellor, Jonathan Bac is interviewed for a story and recounts his life to an interviewer. Topics Bac covers include the assassination of his father, his time as an admiral in the Organian Empire, his service during the Unification War, and his eight years as Supreme Chancellor.[1]


Brandon Rhea, author of My Father's Dreams, announced the development of the story on June 21, 2009 on his blog. In the announcement, he stated that the story, told through flashbacks, would be written as a first person narrative, with the narrative being what Jonathan Bac is saying to the interviewer.[1] The story's front cover, designed by artist and fan fiction author Squishy Vic, was released the same day.[2]


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