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Mira Baatch was a Human female member of the Jedi Order in the decades after the Force Wars. She was born on Alderaan to the famed explorer and Jedi Master Calid Baatch and his wife, Sohna Sanmuriko. Like her father, Mira was sensitive to the powers of the Force and was trained as a Jedi. She led her family’s noble house, House Baatch, on Alderaan through the beginnings of the House Wars.

During the war, House Baatch’s reputation was damaged when it was learned that Mira had fallen in love and was having a child out of wedlock with Khem Kheldrommas, from the lesser House Kheldrommas. Mira vacated leadership of her family to Calid, and she fled into the mountains of Alderaan where she and Khem and three children: a son named Khevran, and two daughters named Adena and Dinara. Adena and Dinara were later trained as Jedi.

Adena and Dinara, along with their friend Kel-Ma, later discovered the Rakatan darksphere. After Dinara was killed on a mission, Adena became corrupted by the dark side energies of the device and formed the Cult of the Sphere. Along with Calid and a group of Jedi and Dark Jedi, Mira tracked Adena to Tatooine where she and Calid confronted her. The cult was destroyed and Adena was captured, before being sentenced to spend eternity asleep in a hyperspace stasis pod. Mira took the darksphere to a safe location and hid it away in the hopes that it would never be found again, but she also formed a group called the Wardens who were aware of its location and vowed to protect its secrets.

Despite the collapse of House Baatch during the war, Mira's legacy lived on for thousands of years. One of her descendants, Talzea Keldroma, went on to become Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Great Hutt Wars.


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