Matthew of Skywalker
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Pre-Republic era[1]

Matthew of Skywalker was a member of the Order of the Jedi Bendu and one of the founders of the Order of the Whills. His part in the foundation of the Order of the Whills was first spoken of by a holy man in the Prophecy of the Whills. In 99,945 BBY, Matthew and the Jedi Bendu led the Whill species from their homeworld of Brodo Asogi to the pocket dimension of Ashlan Four. When they arrived, the Whills began construction on a Whill Monastery, and once this was done the Order of the Whills was officially founded.[1]

Once a Chief of the Whills was appointed to act as the leader of the Order, Matthew shared with the Chief his knowledge of the Force, as well as the history of the Jedi Bendu and the planets in the Ashlan Nebula. The Whills documented this in the Journal of the Whills, a manuscript they would use to record galactic history. After this, Matthew and the Jedi Bendu had no further contact with the Whills.[1]

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