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Marka Ragnos
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Human-Sith hybrid[1]



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First Sith Empire[1]

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Old Republic era[1]

Marka Ragnos was an early Dark Lord of the Sith who lived during the time of the First Sith Empire. His reign as Dark Lord was considered as a golden age for the Sith, during which time he trained Vitiate as an apprentice. After Ragnos’ death and the fall of the Sith Empire after the Great Hyperspace War, Vitiate brought the shattered forces together as the True Sith Empire and rebuilt their forces in the Unknown Regions, with Vitiate as Sith Emperor. Centuries later, the Sith Emperor launched a new war against the Galactic Republic and Jedi Order, using the training given to him by Marka Ragnos.


Marka Ragnos was a Human-Sith hybrid born sometime before 5,100 BBY.[1] He became Dark Lord of the Sith and leader of the First Sith Empire, and he launched numerous campaigns against the enemies of the First Sith Empire, including internal threats; he ensured that any potential adversaries were busy fighting each other so they could not challenge him for the Sith throne. His reign as Dark Lord was considered a golden age of the Sith.[2]

During his reign, Ragnos encountered a boy named Tenebrae. The thirteen year old had approached Ragnos for training, and the Dark Lord was impressed by the boy’s power in the Force as well as his ambition. Ragnos made Tenebrae the ruler of Medriaas and gave him the title and name Lord Vitiate, as well as taking him on as his Sith apprentice.[1]

Sometime prior to the Great Hyperspace War, Ragnos died and the title for Dark Lord of the Sith was challenged. He was ultimately succeeded by Naga Sadow.[2] Vitiate did not participate in the challenge for succession or the Great Hyperspace War.[1] Ragnos was buried in a tomb in the Valley of the Dark Lords on Korriban during this time.[2]


Decades after Ragnos’ death and the defeat of the Empire during the Great Hyperspace Wars, Vitiate brought the surviving Sith forces together in the Unknown Regions and formed the True Sith Empire, bestowing himself with the title of Sith Emperor. On the planet Dromund Kaas, the new Sith Empire remained for centuries, building up their forces and waiting for the right time to launch a new war against the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.[2]

It was during this time that Darth Revan and Darth Malak, initially at the best of the Sith Emperor but later independently after breaking away from his command, formed the Second Sith Empire and launched the Jedi Civil War against the Republic and the Jedi. Revan was later redeemed and became a Jedi, and he and his companions set out on a quest to destroy the Star Forge superweapon and defeat Darth Malak.[2]

This campaign took them to Korriban, where Revan visited the tomb of Marka Ragnos. Revan was attempting to gain access to a Star Map in the tomb of Naga Sadow, and in order to do so he first needed to near prestige to impress the Sith Academy’s leader, Uthar Wynn. One way Revan gained prestige was by infiltrating Ragnos’ tomb, where he took Ragnos’ gauntlets and presented them to Wynn.[2]

Revan went on to defeat Malak, and the Jedi Civil War came to a close.[2] A few centuries later, the Sith Emperor led the True Sith Empire into the Great Galactic War against the Republic and the Jedi, using the training he received from Marka Ragnos.[3]


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