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Rise of the Empire era[1]

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"Explosions. Destruction. Certain death. The fun stuff."
—Logan Amator[src]

Logan Amator was a Major in the Utapau Security Forces during the Invasion of Utapau. He joined the Security Forces due to his strong loyalty towards the planet's monarchy. Amator became Princess Sabé Arcadia's superior officer while they were on Tatooine, where Amator, Arcadia, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and a number of others were hiding from the Trade Alliance invasion forces.[1]

Because of his command responsibilities, Amator felt the weight of the lives of the princess, his forces, and the people of Utapau upon him, which he masked with sarcasm. He was, nonetheless, determined to get the princess off of Tatooine as soon as possible so she could save their people from the Alliance.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Logan Amator is an original character created by author Brandon Rhea for Rhea's novel Star Wars: Episode I - The Chosen One. Amator did not appear in the first draft of the novel but, according to Rhea, is a main supporting character in The Chosen One and was to have been a main supporting character in the follow-up novella, Star Wars: Genesis, prior to its cancellation.[2] Rhea chose Justin Hartley, an actor best known for his work as Fox Crane on the soap opera Passions and Oliver Queen on Smallville, to portray Amator.[3]

Hinting at the character's future, Rhea alluded to the possibility that Amator will be the father of Alexander Arcadia, the son of Sabé Arcadia. While discussing secondary characters, including Amator, in The Chosen One, Rhea suggested that Amator will be "very important to [Arcadia] now and in the future," and that "Alexander Arcadia...has to come from somewhere."[4] Also alluding to this is the fact that "amator" is a Latin word for "lover."[5]


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