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Kingdom of Kamino
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c. 1,022 BBY[1]


Old Republic era[1]

"Empires based solely on faith cannot be sustained."
Bacatine, last Emperor of the Kingdom of Kamino[src]

The Kingdom of Kamino was an imperial government in the Wild Space region of the galaxy one thousand years prior to the Invasion of Utapau. For several centuries prior to its collapse, religion was the dominant viewpoint throughout the kingdom, but that was changed after the Great Flood sunk the continents of Kamino, forcing the Kaminoan people to live in cities constructed above the surface of the ocean. Bacatine, the kingdom's last emperor, preached science over religion, as he felt that it was through science, not religion, that a society would thrive.[1]

After Bacatine's rule, the Kingdom of Kamino ceased to exist, and the Kaminoan people confined themselves to Kamino and its moon, Atlantica. Heeding Bacatine's scientific advice, the Kaminoans made their living by cloning in order to preserve and create life everywhere. They did this because the Great Flood had taught them that life was precious and could have been taken away from people at any time.[1]


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