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c. 25,732 BBY[1]

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Before the Republic era[1]

Kel-Ma was a Jedi Padawan in the decades after the Force Wars. During his training, he became friends with sisters Adena and Dinara Kheldrommas. In 25,732 BBY, the group discovered the darksphere, an artifact from the Infinite Empire that allowed those who use it to share and receive information with the device. Shortly after deciding to keep their discovery a secret, Dinara was killed on a mission, and Kel-Ma grieved her death.

It was as a result of his grief that Kel-Ma became the first Jedi to activate the sphere and access its information, as his darker emotions—guilt and anger over Dinara’s death—acted as a battery or the device. Kel-Ma used its information to try and reform the Jedi Order into an organization more consistent with his beliefs, not knowing that he was being influenced by the dark side of the Force. Adena, who was also mourning her sister’s death, became the first to join Kel-Ma.

Not long after, Kel-Ma lost control over the sphere, and with it he lost his influence over Adena. Desiring the sphere for herself, she killed Kel-Ma and took the device. She formed and led the Cult of the Sphere until the Cult was defeated and she was sentenced to spend eternity sleeping in a hyperspace stasis pod.


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