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"I see myself as the right one. I am right, and Corellia is right."
―Judah Zaren[src]

Judah Zaren was the Galactic Senator of Corellia at the beginning of the Alsakan Crisis.


Early life[]

Judah Zaren was born on Corellia into the Zaren political dynasty as the son of Malcolm and Bethany Zaren. He attended the prestigious and private Camelot Academy when he was of age, and formed an interest in galactic civics, economics, and history. He achieved high marks in science and literature, though his difficulty with mathematics kept him from being the head of his class. He later went to a university on Corellia, where he graduated with a degree in political science.[1]

Military service[]

After his graduation, Judah enlisted in the Galactic Republic Marine Corps. He was sent to Carida to train in the Galactic Republic Marine Corps Recruit Training Depot, where he spent eight weeks training for the hardships of military service. This instilled in him a sense of discipline and the ability to survive in battle. His drill instructor, also a Corellian, taught him that all beings would eventually die and it was important to bring down as many enemies as possible before doing so. The instructor became one of Zaren’s mentors.[1]

Zaren chose not to be a combat Marine, instead choosing the path of a Marine reporter. He served as a correspondent during a minor conflict between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union; reports he filed included the deaths of four Corellians, the killing of a Duros and an Alderaanian, and the disappearance of seven Wookiees. He chose to leave the Marine Corps when he saw some of his fellow Marines committing war crimes by killing innocent Alsakan civilians.[1]

Political career[]

Judah returned to school and earned a law degree from the University of Corellia. He was later elected to the Corellian Planetary Legislature. He earned high approval ratings from his constituents, whom he cared for and worked for throughout his two terms in office.[1]

In 13,000 BBY, an election was set to be held for the open Corellian seat in the Galactic Senate. Zaren nominated himself for the position and faced opposition from another Corellian. After months of campaigning on Corellia, Judah was elected in a landslide victory. One week later, he arrived on Coruscant and was sworn-in as a Galactic Senator.[1] After his inauguration, Judah had an affair in his office with a number of Twi'lek females.[2]

Only months later, the Alsakan Union launched an attack on Coruscant, beginning the Alsakan Crisis—the largest and most destructive of the conflicts between the Republic and the Alsakans. As the battle continued, Supreme Chancellor Relana Isolde Tanoor called an emergency session of the Senate and proposed that the Senate should evacuate Coruscant and begin talks with the Jedi Order for support. Judah supported evacuation but opposed seeking aid from the Jedi, as he believed that they were religious extremists who should not have had a place in governmental and military affairs. He verbally sparred with Senator Alcor Bac of Alderaan—the Zaren family had been rivals with the Bac family for thousands of years—who was a Congressional ally of the Jedi Order and supported seeking their assistance. Judah ultimately conceded his efforts once Chancellor Tanoor demanded that he leave prejudicial outbursts out of Senatorial affairs, and he withdrew his opposition to Jedi involvement.[2]

The Senate ultimately chose to seek Jedi counsel and to relocate. They were able to evacuate Coruscant and relocated on Ord Mirit. Despite being in office for only a matter of months, Judah resigned from the Senate and was replaced by Denis Holand.[3]


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