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Jedi Enclave on Ossus
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Old Republic era[1]


Jedi Order[1]

The Jedi Enclave on Ossus was the central headquarters of the Jedi Order before and during the Alsakan Crisis of 13,000 BBY and 12,979 BBY.[1] After the war, the Jedi relocated the Jedi Temple on Coruscant. When the new headquarters was damaged during a Dark Jedi attack in 12,979 BBY,[2] the Order relocated to the Jedi Enclave on Ossus.[3]

In 13,000 BBY, Jedi Grandmaster Banik Kelrada held a diplomatic meeting with Alsakan Vicar Lharra in the Jedi Enclave, though she was assassinated by her advisers who, in turn, damaged the structure by crashing their vessel into it.[1] The resulting blast killed thirty-one Jedi. A conclave of Jedi was held days later,[4] which resulted in a schism within the Order and,[5] in the days that followed, the formation of the Ospion Guardians.[6] These Ospion later became the Dark Jedi of the Bogan.[7]


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