Alternative Star Wars Saga

The Force Wars were fought between the followers of light and followers of darkness within the Je'daii Order.

"And so the travelers defined themselves, ever seeking the balance. They became the Je'daii, a Dai Bendu term meaning "mystic center". "

The Je'daii Order was a monastic order of philosophers, monks, scientists, and warriors in pursuit of knowledge who were united in their belief in and practice of the Force. The Je’daii were located on Tython and strove to maintain a balance between the two sides of the Force: the Ashla, or light side of the Force; and the Bogan, or dark side of the Force. This balance broke down during a civil war known as the Force Wars,[1] where followers of the Ashla fought followers of the Bogan for philosophical and spiritual dominance. The Je’daii Ashla, as they were known, defeated the Je’daii Bogan and formed the Jedi Order out of the ashes of the war.[2]


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