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"We stood up. We said what was wrong and we changed it. We saved lives and now, because of that, we have to die. That's what the Trade Alliance would tell you. That's what we're up against."
Sabé Arcadia, the Princess of Ondos[src]

The Invasion of Ondos was a conflict in 22 BBY on the Mid Rim world of Ondos between the planet and the invasion forces of the Trade Alliance. The invasion forced Princess Sabé Arcadia to flee from the world, with the help of Major Logan Amator and Jedi Knight Obi-Wan Kenobi. They ultimately sought refuge from the Alliance on Tatooine, though they were determined to reach Coruscant to seek the help of the Galactic Republic's government.

On Tatooine, the group of temporary refuges become involved in the quest for galactic salvation. The war ultimately went on after Tatooine, leading directly into the Clone Wars.




By the invasion's end, the conflict led directly into the Clone Wars, prophesied to be one of the conflicts in the final battle between the light side and the dark side of the Force.[1]




Ondos was a planet in the Mid Rim of the galaxy, located in the far reaches of Republic space. It was described as an exemplar of the Republic's virtues, such as being a pillar of free thinking, a champion of freedom, and a cultural and artistic center for the galaxy. It was in this regard that the planet was called "the Alderaan of the frontier" by many of the Republic's citizens.[1]

This peaceful status was disrupted when the Trade Alliance invaded the planet. The Alliance had become willing to destroy entire worlds in order to generate a profit for their corporate interests, and Ondos was targeted because its planetary government attempted to combat the Alliance's political and economic influence. The only hope of Ondos was to convince the government of the Republic on Coruscant to intervene.[1]

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