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Infinite Empire
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Before the Republic era[1]

"Long ago the Rakata ruled all the known galaxy; all species bowed down to us."

The Infinite Empire was the first known major government to rule the galaxy. It was founded and presided over by the Rakata, an advanced species that used its scientific knowledge to rule over other species in the galaxy. One of its greatest technological achievements was the construction of the Star Forge, a space station of near-infinite power that fueled war efforts through solar and dark side energies.[1]

It was because of their use of the dark side that the Rakatan people became corrupted, ultimately leading to a civil war and the downfall of the Empire. The remaining Rakata lived on Lehon for centuries. The Infinite Empire became known as one of the many governments that preceded the formation of the Galactic Republic, a formation made possible by the collapse of the Empire.[1]

Records of the Infinite Empire were lost to the galaxy for millennia, until they were rediscovered by Darth Revan and Darth Malak while they were searching for the Star Forge at the behest of the Sith Emperor. The Star Forge allowed them to fuel a war against the Republic, a war that came to a close after a redeemed Revan killed Darth Malak and destroyed the Star Forge. Following the war, the former existence of the Infinite Empire became known to the galaxy again.[1]

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