Alternative Star Wars Saga

Jabba the Hutt, leader of the Hutt Lords.

The Hutt Lords were the rulers of the Hutt Cartel and the worlds it occupied in the Outer Rim Territories. They commanded the Hutt military, which they used to occupy a number of Outer Rim worlds, such as Tatooine. In Anchorhead Station, the Hutt Lords built a fortress for their commanders and Governor to rule the planet from, and it was a fortress that displayed Hutt dominance over the planet.[1]

During the Rim Wars, a rebellion arose that challenged the rule of the Hutt Lords over the Outer Rim. The rebellion was eventually defeated, and the Hutt Lords tightened their grip over their territories. Such measures they imposed in the aftermath of the war included the prohibition of alcohol on former rebel strongholds, such as Tatooine.[1]


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