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Hutt Grand Council
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Hutt Chairman[1]


Nal Hutta[1]

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Formed from

Hutt Empire[1]


12,978 BBY (as Hutt Imperial Court)[1]


12,978 BBY[2]

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Old Republic era[1]


Hutt Empire[1]

The Hutt Grand Council was the main political body of the Hutt Empire. Leaders of various Hutt clans from throughout the galaxy, though mostly the Outer Rim Territories, were granted a seat on the Grand Council, which convened on Nal Hutta. The leader of the most powerful clan was given the title of Hutt Chairman, making that individual the figurehead of the Empire.[1]

Decisions involving the functioning of the Empire were put through a voting process in which a consensus was required from the council members in order for proposed measures to become law. Technically, however, the council was not a democratic body, as the Chairman typically wielded absolute authority over the other members and was able to influence them into adopting any laws the Chairman saw fit. Council members did have power over the worlds they ruled in Hutt Space, giving them a degree of sovereignty over their own domestic affairs.[1]

In 12,978 BBY, Hutt Chairman Tusa Ujalli Hai declared himself Emperor of the Hutt Empire and summarily abolished the Hutt Grand Council, citing the need for a faster and more efficient Hutt government.[2] The Council was replaced by the Hutt Imperial Court, with former Council members being transferred to the court in an advisory, but not decision-making, capacity.[1]


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