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House Kheldrommas
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House Baatch[1]

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c. 25,79325,732 BBY[1]

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Before the Republic era[1]


House Kheldrommas was a lesser house on Alderaan during the House Wars. During the war, it supported House Baatch as vied for the vacant throne of Alderaan. The reputations of both houses were damaged, however, when it was revealed that Mira Baatch, who had been leading House Baatch, had fallen in love and was having a child out of wedlock with Khem Kheldrommas. The two left Alderaanian society and lived in the mountains of Alderaan, where they had three children: a son named Khevran, and two daughters named Dinara and Adena.

Like their mother and grandfather, the famed explorer and Jedi Master Calid Baatch, Dinara and Adena became members of the Jedi Order. Along with their friend Kel-Ma, the discovered the lost Rakatan artifact called the darksphere. Dinara was killed shortly thereafter, and, after killing Kel-Ma, Adena fell to the dark side of the Force and created the Cult of the Sphere. She was defeated by Mira and Calid, and later imprisoned in a hyperspace stasis pod where she was sentenced to sleep for eterenity.

Through Khevran, the Kheldrommas line lived on for several thousands years. Talzea Keldroma, a descendent of Khevran, became Grand Master of the Jedi Order during the Great Hutt Wars.

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