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House Baatch
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Calid Baatch[1]

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Pre-Republic era[1]


House Baatch was a noble house on Alderaan during the early days of the Jedi Order. After a vacancy opened on the Alderaanian throne, it was assumed that the Baatch family would emerge from the ensuing House Wars as the rightful heirs. The Baatch line fell out of prestige and favor, however, when it was revealed that Mira Baatch, daughter of Force Wars veteran Calid Baatch, fell in love and was having a child with a man from a lower house. Later, after Mira's daughter, Adena Kheldrommas, fell to the dark side and created the Cult of the Sphere, the Baatch line fell further out of favor.[1]

In spite of Calid's efforts to maintain the noble house, House Baatch was overtaken by the other noble houses.[1] The Baatch family line continued, however, and gave rise to such individuals as Ussej Padric Bac.

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