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Hisako Hoshiko
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13,014 BBY[1]


Taibo Hoshiko[1]

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1.69 meters[1]

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Galactic Republic[1]

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"We will bring the light of the Republic back to space lost in darkness. We will demonstrate to others why we have lasted countless eons. We will see a tomorrow, in which the history of the Republic will be written by Republic historians."
―Hisako Hoshiko in her inaugural address[src]

Hisako Hoshiko (Hee-za-ko Ho-she-ko; "enduring child of the stars") was a female Pantoran politician who served as the Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic during the Hutt War. She was born into a political family on Pantora in 13,014 BBY; she was the daughter of Taibo Hoshiko, a prominent planetary leader, which led her to studying for and pursuing a career in law as a practicing attorney.

Hoshiko became a member of the Pantoran Assembly in 12,988 BBY, giving her local political experience. She was appointed Galactic Senator of Pantora in 12,985 BBY. Her seven years in the Galactic Senate saw her push for a number of reforms for Mid Rim taxation and, during the Hutt War, the Galactic Republic military's command structure.

Following the assassination of her political mentor, former Supreme Chancellor Alcor Bac, and the incapacitation of sitting Chancellor Jamall Mohatu, Hoshiko led a meeting of a Galactic Senate committee discussing the attack. The children of the late former Chancellor, Ahdam Bac and Analia Bac, endorsed Hoshiko as the next Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic. She was elected to the Chancellery the next day and spoke about the need for recovery and renewal in her inaugural address.


Early life[]

Hisako Hoshiko was born on Pantora in 13,014 BBY as the daughter of Taibo Hoshiko, the Chairman of the Pantoran Assembly; her father’s status on Pantora introduced her to law and governance at an early age. Throughout her education, Hoshiko studied the history and politics of her planet, as well as the others of the galaxy. She participated in school debates and held a student office at every academy she attended. This earned her the ire of many of her rivals, who thought her status and popularity was a result of her father’s position.[1]

As she continued her education, Hoshiko attended the prestigious University of Democracies, where she studied social anthropology, sociology, xeno-history, trade linguistics, local and intergalactic law, and a number of other fields. After a few semesters at the university, she was accepted into and ultimately graduated from the school’s law program.[1]

Pantoran government[]

Hoshiko became a practicing attorney after her graduation from the University of Democracies. She also served in a number of local positions, such as a member of land commissions, and city boards. In 12,988 BBY, Hisako was nominated by her electoral district to serve as a representative in the Pantoran Assemby. She won in a landslide election and immediately began working to serve her constituents.[1]

Facing older members of the Assembly, Hoshiko found herself caught up in long battles with her colleagues, who attempted to take advantage of her youth and political inexperience. This caused her to become resilient to such forms of pressure, and she became attuned in noticing political maneuvering from other representatives.[1]

Galactic Senate career[]

After only three years as a Pantoran Assembly member, Hoshiko was appointed to represent Pantora in the Galactic Senate in 12,985 BBY. Rumors suggested that it was the work of her father, while others believed that it was her political rivals attempting to regain their own influence on a local level.[1]

Hisako pushed for a number of legislative items and reform measures during her time as a Senator, including the reduction of taxes on Mid Rim exports to better appeal to the Mid Rim worlds, as well as to keep costs lower in Republic space in order to avoid recession. Additionally, after the outbreak of the Hutt War in 12,979 BBY, she pushed to ensure that military fleet commanders could not utilize large forces in an aggressive act without direct orders from the Senate or the Supreme Chancellor; this would have also required the supervision of the Jedi Order. This military reform measure failed after the military protested. She continued to push for military reform as the war carried on.[1]

In 12,978 BBY, while speaking at a political rally on Coruscant, Supreme Chancellor Jamall Mohatu and Alcor Bac, who had served as Chancellor a number of years earlier and was a political mentor of Hisako’s, became the targets of a bomb planted on the stage where they were speaking; the bomb was set by Ahdam Bac, Alcor’s son, who only intended to harm Mohatu as he did not know that his father would be at the event. The blast seriously injured Mohatu and killed Alcor.[2]

The Galactic Senate was in a series of committee meetings during the explosion, and Hoshiko spoke to the assembled representatives—many Senate seats were vacant due to the Hutt attack a few months earlier—and informed them of the explosion. The Senators began arguing amongst themselves, with some threatening to secede from the Republic, before they were interrupted by Alcor Bac’s children, Ahdam—who had not been identified as the assassin—and Analia Bac; Ahdam and Analia had arrived to address the Senate at Hisako’s request. They pleaded for civility and unity in the face of tragedy and endorsed Hoshiko as the next Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, as Mohatu had been left unable to discharge his duties as Chancellor.[3]


The day after the assassination, Hoshiko was elected Supreme Chancellor by the Galactic Senate. In her inaugural address, she stressed the need to recover and rebuild what was lost during the ongoing Hutt War. She praised the service members who survived the Battle of Ando Prime, which had taken place around the same time, and awarded them the Senatorial Crescent of Valor. Finally, she mourned the loss of her mentor, Alcor Bac, and wished Mohatu a swift recovery. She ended her address assuring the people of the Republic that the Republic would continue to stand and become stronger than it was before.[4]

Personality and traits[]

Hisako was a believer in the exceptionalism in the Republic, but also saw the need to reform the elements of it which were broken. She felt it was the obligation of public servants to enact meaningful reforms in order to honor the individuals who had sacrificed themselves for the survival of the Republic. Despite protests from the Senate during the Hutt War, she pushed for legislation that would have reformed the military command structure, as she saw an increased tax burden on citizens as the military commanders continued to want more supplies in, from her view, an attempt to find their moment of fame. Hoshiko was also a supporter of the Jedi Order.[1]

As a member of the Pantoran Assembly, Hisako found it necessary to become resilient to political pressure from her colleagues, who attempted to exploit her political inexperience in order to maintain their own influence in the Pantoran government. She also became quick to notice political maneuvering from her colleagues, a trait that she would use for many years. She remained committed to standing for what she believed in, regardless of the pressure that was put on her.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Hisako Hoshiko is a role-playing character created by Adena McDargh on TheStarWarsRP.Com. The character was first introduced on February 28, 2011,[1] as the new Supreme Chancellor of the Republic,[5] and it was greeted with positive reviews.[1] In-universe, the character was established as Supreme Chancellor on March 6, 2011.[4]



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