Alternative Star Wars Saga
Great Manifest Period

20,000 BBY17,000 BBY[1]


Galactic Republic[1]

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Years 16,437 – 13,347 before the Treaty of Coruscant (BTC)[2]

Years 19,000 – 16,000[3] before the Ruusan Reformation

Facts and statistics

First Alsakan Conflict[4]

Important events

The Great Manifest Period was a period in the Galactic Republic's history that began in 20,000 BBY.[1] The time was one of expansion for the Republic, as it moved into the Inner Rim and Expansion Region. The rest of the galaxy, however, was mostly unexplored by the Republic, though the Republic did have access to Ossus and outposts such as Ord Mantell and Malastare. The First Alsakan Crisis was fought during this era.[4] The period lasted for three thousand years, ending in 17,000 BBY.[1]


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