Hundred Year Darkness[1]


Beast Wars[2]

Great Hyperspace War
Great Hyperspace War

5,000 BBY


5,000 BBY


The galaxy

Major battles

Battle of Coruscant, Battle of Korriban


First Sith Empire[3]


Supreme Chancellor[3]

"Among past threats to the Republic, the Great Hyerspace War stands above all other wars in galactic history."

The Great Hyperspace War was a conflict fought in 5,000 BBY. It began after the First Sith Empire invaded the Galactic Republic, forcing the Republic and Jedi Order to respond. The conflict's origin was in the Hundred Year Darkness, when fallen Jedi became the first Sith Lords on Korriban and gave rise to the First Sith Empire. By 5,000 BBY, the Sith had raised an army under the rule of Naga Sadow, the reigning Dark Lord of the Sith, and invaded the Republic.

Although the Republic was initially overwhelmed, betrayal within the Sith ranks forced Sadow to look inward and defeat his opposition. After a decisive loss against the Republic, the Sith military was defeated. The Sith Empire was no longer a threat to the Republic, but the Supreme Chancellor pressed onward, intent on destroying the Empire. On Korriban, the SIth homeworld, the remnants of the empire were defeated and the First Sith Empire collapsed.

The emergence of the Sith led to various new Sith empires and sects rising to fight the Republic, all of which were defeated. In the meantime, in the Unknown Regions, the final remnants of the First Sith Empire built a new empire under the rule of the Sith Emperor. Nearly a millennium and a half later, after building their forces in secret, this Sith empire attacked the Republic before the Republic finally defeated it as well.


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