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Great Hutt Wars

12,979 BBY – c. 12,973 BBY

Approximate dates in other dating systems

Years 9,362 – c. 9,354 before the Treaty of Coruscant

Years 11,979 – c. 11,973 before the Ruusan Reformation

Facts and statistics

The Great Hutt Wars encompassed a period of galactic history from 12,979 BBY to at least 12,973 BBY, spanning over the course of several conflicts primarily involving the Galactic Republic and the Hutt Empire. The Jedi Order, the Dark Jedi of the Bogan, and the Bogan Empire were also involved in the conflicts.

The era began in 12,979 BBY with the launch of the First Hutt War, which concluded on the final day of 12,978 BBY with the signing of the Treaty of Ithoria. The start of 12,977 BBY saw the outbreak of the Hutt Civil War throughout the Outer Rim Territories, as well as the War of the Gods between the Bogan Empire and anti-Bogan rebels in the Esstran sector. In 12,975 BBY, after the smaller wars had been won by the Hutt Empire and the Bogan Empire, respectively, the galaxy was in the midst of the Second Cold War between the Republic and the Hutts, with each side building up their military forces in preparation for a second war. The Second Hutt War ultimately started in 12,973 BBY.


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