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Great Flood

c. 1,022 BBY[1]




Submerging of Kamino's continents below the ocean's surface[1]

The Great Flood was a natural disaster on Kamino roughly one thousand years prior to the Invasion of Utapau. The event submerged the continents of Kamino beneath the ocean's surface, prompting the Kaminoan people to construct new civilizations, such as Tipoca City, above the ocean's surface. The flood also led to the disbanding of the Kingdom of Kamino, the government that had ruled Kamino and most of the Wild Space region of the galaxy for several centuries. As recounted by Kaminoan Supreme Leader Lama Su in 22 BBY, the Great Flood taught the Kaminoans that life was precious and needed to be preserved at all costs, leading them to become cloners.[1]


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