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13,201 BBY (Corellia)[1]


12,976 BBY (Corellian orbit)[2]

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Hermaphrodite (male personality)[1]


1.98 meters[1]

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Old Republic era[1]


Hutt Empire[1]

"Greed is good."
―Gorrbag the Hutt[src]

Gorrbag was a Hutt who served as the Chairman of the Hutt Empire during the Hutt War. Gorrbag was born on Corellia in 13,201 BBY to two wealthy Hutts. During his schooling years, he gained influence over other students, which inspired him to begin consolidating power over his own town. As the years went on, Gorrbag formed his own criminal empire and expanded his sphere of power across a number of worlds until he had become one of the wealthiest and most powerful Hutts in the galaxy. He continued to expand his reach throughout 13,000 BBY, gaining more influence in the Galactic Republic

After the Republic won the war against the Alsakan Union in 12,999 BBY, the government began a policy of expansion into the Mid Rim towards the Outer Rim Territories. The Hutt Empire saw this as a threat to their territory, so they called a number of Hutts, including Gorrbag, to Nal Hutta to deal with the situation. Gorrbag, frustrated with the Grand Hutt's leadership, had the Hutt leader assassinated and took control of the Empire for himself, strengthening the Empire's military forces; this increase in strength led into the Hutt War in 12,979 BBY.


Early life[]

Gorrbag was born in 13,201 BBY to two wealthy Hutts from Corellia. This enabled him to receive a lavish upbringing with the best medical treatment available, better food, higher quality entertainment, and a better education than those in lower classes. As he grew older, he was sent to a school specifically for Hutts, where he was able to gain influence over his classmates and garner loyalty. He ultimately saw himself as running the school as the most powerful student.[1]

When he was finished with his schooling, he began consolidating power over his town, and he used his allies to help raise funds and spread the word about him. Realizing that running a town would be harder than running a school, he felt he needed to prove himself to others. One way he did this was after his thirty-fifth birthday, in 13,166 BBY, when he received a pazzak deck from his father and invited others from the town to play the game with him. He gained enough experience to allow him to win tournaments and, with it, large amounts of money and other riches.[1]

As the years passed by, people in his town stopped betting with him, realizing that his skills in the game were superior to theirs; some continued to bet and lost more than they had wanted. He began betting on races and duels, and he eventually hired his own fighters to run his own dueling matches. This allowed him to run most of the business in his town, though he still desired more power.[1]

Consolidating power[]

In his continued quest for more power, Gorrbag started a small gang of individuals he thought of as nothing more than scumbags and thugs, though it helped him make a name for himself on a number of planets where crime largely manifested itself. He established his own palace on Corellia to house himself, a number of slave dancers, Bothan and Human guards, and many of his riches. When Galactic Republic authorities would inspect the palace, they would be either bribed to leave or forced to leave by his guards.[1]

Gorrbag did not feel that he could always depend on his guards for protection, however, so he had a former Alsakan Union weapons master furnish him a set of high-tech battle armor with several weapons and the ability for increased speed, despite his massive weight. As his power grew, he aimed to become the most powerful Hutt in the galaxy.[1]

By his one hundred-sixtieth year, after years of non-Hutt sexual partners and, on occasion, the unwanted pregnancy of some of those partners,[3] Gorrbag tried to start a family life. He met a Hutt with a female personality—all Hutts were hermaphrodites but adopted the personalities of the two main genders—named Lommay with whom he had a good relationship with, as well as her family. She agreed to marry him, though the night before their wedding he discovered Lommay and one of his friends had slept with one another. Gorrbag had them executed and cooked into a soup that he fed to the would-be wedding guests.[1]

Realizing that he was not suited for family life, Gorrbag concentrated his efforts on his criminal empire. He sent his men out to devastate smaller and weaker businesses, only to have his men hired for protection afterward; this spread to a number of different planets. He continued his betting on races, games, and duels, and he acquired an abandoned protocol droid designated GP-103.[1]

Gorrbag eventually discovered that another Hutt, Karsac Desilijic Tarme, was attempting to gain power in Gorrbag's sphere of influence. As Gorrbag continued amassing his own forces, he determined that he and Karsac would either have to form an alliance with one another or one of them would have to kill the other.[1]

Alsakan Crisis[]

"The last thing I need is someone suddenly developing a conscience at the worst possible time."
―Gorrbag, during the Alsakan Crisis[src]

In 13,000 BBY, in the midst of the Alsakan Crisis between the Galactic Republic and the Alsakan Union—the Union had invaded and took control of Coruscant from the Republic—[4]Gorrbag was in a bar on Corellia when an Alsakan bounty hunter, Jyrden Garthyl, attempted to assassinate a target for the Republic by using explosive gambling credits. Nothing came of the attempt, and Gorrbag remained uninjured.[5]

Gorrbag continued to desire more power and influence in the ensuing months. He invited a number of guests—killers, thieves, pirates, and bounty hunters, amongst other criminal elements—to a dinner meeting where he offered them the chance to participate in a heist that promised them large sums of money. Those who accepted would break into the Galactic Bank of Coruscant, break into the vault, and retreat before the Alsakan occupation forces discovered them. Gorrbag wanted only 20,000 credits from the vault, allowing the others to keep the rest of what they could obtain. His guests ultimately agreed to the plan.[6] The heist proceeded sometime thereafter,[7] though the money was not taken from the vault after a brief skirmish between Gorrbag's contractors and Alsakan military guards.[8]

Having received no word from the bank heist team, Gorrbag chose to forgo his bank plan and fully bring together his criminal operations. He searched throughout the galaxy for individuals he thought would be a valuable asset for his organization and assembled them in his palace on Corellia. He hired a number of individuals to act as guards, enforcers, and personal assassins, all with the goal of strengthening his syndicate.[9] He later attended a carnival on Corellia where he was forced to flee from a number of attackers. He fled towards his shuttle,[10] where he was able to escape.[11]

Sometime thereafter, Gorrbag placed a bet on a games he was watching on Space station LWC. He lost some money on the games, infuriating him. A fight broke out between other patrons on the station, but Gorrbag was not harmed. Republic agent Conchobhar Bronius, however, who had been involved in the fight, was on the station to collect information on Gorrbag—the Republic was concerned about Gorrbag's influence, as his crime syndicate was becoming more prominent within the Republic—taunted Gorrbag for his criminal behavior. The Hutt threatened to shoot the agent, who used a smoke bomb to create a fog of haze and escape the station.[12]


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Road to war[]

In 12,999 BBY, the Alsakan war came to an end with the defeat of the Alsakan Union at their homeward. Having entered into a period of peace, the Republic began focusing its attention on expanding its sphere of influence and territory into the Mid Rim; this expansionary policy pushed Republic territory towards the Outer Rim Territories, which the Hutt Empire saw as an act of aggression against their power over the Outer Rim. The Empire summoned a number of Hutts, including Gorrbag, to Nal Hutta to deal with the matter, so Gorrbag traveled to the Hutt capital world for the first time in his life.[1]

It was on Nal Hutta that Gorrbag heard the claims that the Republic had pushed into the Outer Rim, though the Republic had no intention of actually doing so and was only interested in the Mid Rim. The Empire, with Gorrbag involved, spent years attempting to push the Republic away from Hutt territory, though the Republic continued its expansionary policies throughout the administrations of Supreme Chancellors Alcor Bac, Etesutr Hapor, and Homer Anthony Salandra.[1]

Gorrbag found himself dissatisfied with the leadership of the Grand Hutt at the time. Deciding that he was the rightful Hutt to deal with the Republic, Gorrbag had the leader assassinated by planting a bomb in his food. Following the assassination, Gorrbag amassed his crew and took control of the Hutt Empire, becoming the new Hutt Chairman.[1]

As relations with the Republic grew worse, Gorrbag focused on assimilating the various criminal syndicates of the Outer Rim into the Hutt Empire. Gorrbag became a more ruthless dictator as he brought these groups under his control, and the criminal resistance of the region was destroyed and absorbed into the Empire; those who continued to resist were captured by slavers or had their minds altered to become more obedient.[1]

In addition to expanding the criminal forces of the Empire, Gorrbag, having heard rumors of a long-avoided system from smugglers, sent an armed exploration team to find out why this system had been avoided. The only word heard from the team in sex months was a garbled transmission that referenced a strange and aggressive humanoid species native to the system. The Hutts sent a battle group into the area and discovered the Taung, a species that referred to themselves as the Mandalorian Warriors of the Shadows. Recognizing the opportunity to bring a strong force into the military, Gorrbag and the Hutts were able to convince the Taung to join with the Hutt Empire with the promise of one day fighting against the Republic.[13]

First Hutt War[]

Leading the Empire[]

In 12,979 BBY, in a final effort to avoid war between the Republic and the Hutts, Supreme Chancellor Homer Anthony Salandra proposed a diplomatic summit on Iridonia in an attempt to resolve the differences between the two governments. Gorrbag agreed to attend the summit and engage directly with Chancellor Salandra. During the meeting, however, a battle broke out between the two fleets in orbit—it was not known who fired the first shots—leading to the evacuation of Gorrbag and Salandra by their respective security personnel. The summit ended in failure and the Republic retreated from the battle, giving the Hutt Empire its first victory in what ultimately became the first battle of the First Hutt War.[4]

The Hutts, under Gorrbag's leadership, recognized that even though they were not interested in military conquest, proceeding with a war against the Republic could have potentially allowed them to defeat the Republic, take control of its economy, and assert economic dominance across the galaxy.[14] The Empire officially declared war against the Republic and moved its fleet into the Mid Rim towards Republic territory.[4] Gorrbag vowed to not only destroy the Republic but the Jedi Order as well; he swore that the Hutts would dominate a new order and any resistance would be forced into the Hutt Empire.[1]

Relinquishing power[]

Rebellion and death[]

Although the Hutt Empire continued to push forward into Republic territory, Gorrbag began amassing a military force from within the Hutt ranks to challenge Tusa for power, as Gorrbag was still furious over being forced out of power when the Grand Council was dissolved. Gorrbag also gained the allegiance of worlds such as Tatooine, Nar Bo Sholla, Nimban, Kor Nijiladii, and a number of others.[2]

Tusa, meanwhile, realized that a plot against him was in the works, so he proposed a peace treaty with the Republic. The Treaty of Ithoria ended the First Hutt War, and the Hutt Empire was declared victorious in the treaty, allowing Tusa to focus on Gorrbag's coming attack against him.[2]

Shortly thereafter, at the beginning of 12,977 BBY, Gorrbag launched a coup d'état against Tusa, but the attempt failed. Gorrbag's forces, however, were not defeated, thus sparking the Hutt Civil War. The two sides spent a year fighting against one another, but neither Gorrbag nor Tusa made any gains or took any losses. Even during a battle on Nar Shaddaa, Gorrbag's forces were unable to make progress against Tusa, nor was Tusa able to make progress against Gorrbag—instead all that was accomplished was the destruction of nearly a quarter of the planet.[2]

As these battles were being waged, Tusa expanded his grip over the Empire, building up new forces while taking over private industry in order to offset forces he was losing. Gorrbag, however, did not have the resources to do so, and he began losing the war beginning in 12,976 BBY. With Gorrbag's forces becoming demoralized at their lack of progress, Tusa waged successful campaigns to reclaim Tatooine, Nar Bo Sholla, Nimban, Kor Nijiladii, and the rest of Gorrbag's worlds until the rebellion was defeated at the end of the year.[2]

Gorrbag used the commotion of Tusa's victory celebration to escape Hutt Space and return to his former fortress on Corellia, where he hoped to escape execution and request asylum from the Republic. However, most of his his former crime syndicate had been killed during the Hutt Civil War, so he had little protection. A Taung discovered him on Corellia and attempted to kill him, but Gorrbag fled to his ship and tried to leave the planet. He was intercepted by Corellian Security Forces vessels that demanded he surrender for questioning, but Gorrbag refused capture and instead engaged the CorSec ships in battle. Gorrbag's ship was destroyed, killing him instantly.[2]


Following his death, the Republic concluded that his actions were not an act of war on the part of the Hutt Empire, which would have violated the terms of the Treaty of Ithoria. The Republic had read intelligence reports about the Hutt Civil War and felt that Gorrbag's actions were an attempt to flee capture by the Republic and execution by the Hutt Empire.[2]

Tusa, however, was furious that he was not allowed the opportunity to kill Gorrbag himself. Tusa held a bitterness towards the Republic for preventing him the chance to kill his enemy, one that would last for a number of years. Three years later, in 12,973 BBY, Tusa continued the legacy of Gorrbag's first invasion of the Republic by launching the Second Hutt War.[2]

Personality and traits[]

Skills and abilities[]

Behind the scenes[]

"He is an awesome, yet rather frightening, slug dude."
Hakim in Gorrbag's fourth timeline profile[src]

Gorrbag was created in 2008 by role-player Phillip Black for the Alsakan Crisis role-playing timeline on TheStarWarsRP.Com.[3] The character was re-introduced at the beginning of the Hutt War timeline, set twenty years later, in July 2009 as the Chairman of the Hutt Empire.[1]



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